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[eBook] GFCO Gluten-Free Certification Guide

Sponsored by Gluten Intolerance Group


Ten years ago, the gluten-free movement emerged as a curious fad—a celebrity-endorsed dietary trend that left many food industry leaders skeptical. Was it a passing craze, or did it hold deeper roots?

Fast forward to today and the answer is resounding - the gluten-free market is one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry and here to stay.

Over the past decade, the gluten-free landscape transformed. Awareness of celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders have increased substantially. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, now affecting 13% of the population, has contributed to this shift. One in four shoppers opt for gluten-free products. For many, the gluten-free diet is not just a preference but a medical necessity driven by health concerns and dietary needs, for themselves or their families. The gluten-free customer is discerning, scrutinizes labels, demands transparency…. and drives a multibillion-dollar market projected to double in the next ten years.   

Today, the focus has shifted from whether to embrace gluten-free to how to succeed in this market. That answer is clear. Don’t just claim gluten-free. Prove it. Brands that obtain GFCO certification demonstrate trust, safety, and a commitment to quality, essential qualities for success in a market where consumers seek assurance. 

As we celebrate Celiac Awareness Month, the Gluten Intolerance Group, with 50 years of leadership in the gluten-free community, continues to educate and support both consumers and the food industry through its GFCO program, the global leader in gluten-free certification.

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