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[Case Study] Driving Change Through Digitization: How Lincoln Premium Poultry Built A Positive & High Performing Culture

Sponsored by SafetyChain

Like many manufacturing industries, annual turnover in poultry processing is extremely high. But, at Lincoln Premium Poultry (LPP) things are different. With a turnover rate of under 40% and a 100% staffing level, LPP is using digital plant management technology to transform its company culture into a place where people want to come to work every day. 

This is the story of how Lincoln Premium Poultry is able to now collect, view, and report on data across their plant to create a data-driven and transparent culture for all employees. 

  • The challenges LPP was looking to solve through digitization
  • How better data analysis helped LPP focus on safety, people, and culture
  • The types of data LPP is collecting from across the plant floor
  • How LPP gave their employees a voice through data
  • The results to date, including a story of more than $200K in savings per month

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